Join the #ShareYourSkill901 movement

Everyone has skills and talents to share, no matter your education or reading level. #ShareYourSkill901 is a movement to celebrate the talents that make up Memphis. 

How can you join the movement?  

1: #ShareYourSkill901

There’s a million ways to share your skills, from getting a job as an auto mechanic, to baking a pie for your neighbor, but it all begins with telling people what you’re good at. 

The #ShareYourSkill901 movement wants to help with that. How can you #ShareYourSkill?

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Text or leave a voicemail with your skill at (901) 201-6028

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Fill out the form at the bottom of the page so we can #ShareYourSkill901

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Yell your skill from the rooftop! (Hey, we won't judge)

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Check out our bookmark stations to write or draw your skill

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Share your bookmark on social media with the hashtag #ShareYourSkill901 and tag Literacy Mid-South

Facebook: @LiteracyMidSouth

Instagram: @LiteracyMidSouth

Twitter: @LiteracyMSouth

There's a #ShareYourSkill901 bookmark station coming to a library near you in 2022! Check out our social media accounts for updates and special events.

  • May: Benjamin L. Hooks (3030 Poplar) & Raleigh (3452 Austin Peay Highway)
  • June: Poplar-White Station (5094 Poplar Ave.) & Frayser (3712 Argonne St.)
  • July: Hollywood (1530 N. Hollywood St.) & Bartlett (5884 Stage Rd.)
  • August: Cherokee (3300 Sharpe Ave.) & Cordova (8457 Trinity Rd.)
  • September: Randolph (3752 Given Ave.) & South (1929 South Third St.)
  • October: Parkway Village (4655 Knight Arnold Rd.) & East Shelby (7200 East Shelby Dr.)
  • November: Cornelia Crenshaw (531 Vance Ave.) & Whitehaven (4120 Mill Branch Rd.)
  • December: Gaston Park (1040 S. Third St.) & North (1192 Vollintine Ave.)
  • January: Levi (3676 Hwy 61 South) & Cossitt/Downtown (33 South Front St.)
  • Stay tuned for what else we have planned for 2023!

Can't make it to one of our bookmark stations? Click here to download and print your copy! (You may need to change your print settings to "Default Sizing.")

Looking for a batch of bookmarks to use for a group event? Email Lucy Hughes (lhughes [at] literacymidsouth [dot] org) to request supplies and information.

2: Grow Your Skill

Literacy is a tool that can help you grow your skills for liberation and social advancement. Check out the resources below to find literacy resources that can help you cultivate your skills.

3: Get Involved

Want to support Memphians developing their literacy skills? Get involved today!

Fill out the form so we can post your skill

We were the people who were not in the papers. 

We lived in the blank white spaces at the edges of print. It gave us more freedom. 

We lived in the gaps between the stories.

Margaret Atwood, The Handmaid's Tale