At Literacy Mid-South, we strive to create innovative programs that promote literacy and life-long learning.  You may have heard of our Adult Learning Program, which provides hundreds of volunteer tutors to low-literate adults in the Mid-South.  Behind the scenes, we're also working with hundreds of literacy and education providers to build their capacity to serve this community as well.  It's an exciting time in the Mid-South as we bring people together to find new ways to change the literacy rates in Memphis. 

With all of the different programs we have at Literacy Mid-South, you may be wondering what our core service is.  Our main goal at Literacy Mid-South is to support, coordinate, and expand otherwise fragmented community efforts towards community awareness, advocacy, program design, and civic engagement to ultimately create a new generation of lifelong learners. We understand that we can't change the literacy rates in Memphis solely by our Adult Learning Program.  We have a bigger challenge: changing the way the Mid-South views lifelong learning and empowering other organizations in rising to meet the challenge with us.  Changing attitudes about learning and reading can only take place with a visible, capable, coordinated group of organizations and individuals who work together. We seek to provide organizations that need support with resources that:

  • Enable participants to access information and resources
  • Have the confidence to express themselves in writing and speaking
  • Obtain literacy skills that enable independent action
  • Create learning opportunities as a bridge to the future.

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