How do I become a volunteer tutor?

First, review the upcoming tutor training workshops.

Second - watch the video below. It will give an overview of how our program works:

  • Tutor a learner twice a week for 45 minutes to an hour
  • It takes about 100 hours of tutoring to move up a grade level
  • 6 months is about 50 hours of instruction
  • Meet remotely or in-person

Third, fill out the application below.  Once you fill that out you'll receive an e-vite a couple weeks before our next training. RSVP there if you are able to make it. 

And last, attend tutor training workshops. There you will meet program staff and current tutors.  You will also receive materials and instructions on how to begin. The first workshop will be about our program and how adults learn. The second workshop will be for adult basic education or English language learning. You will choose which you would like to tutor for at the first training. 

Adult Learning Volunteer Application