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If you or your organization is helping to create a Reading/Learning Community in the Mid-South or you need additional resources to make your program flourish, join us! We can help.


Get Involved

Help an adult student learn to read or help with a special event. Host a fundraiser or sponsor a special event. There are many ways to help us start a reading revolution!


Our vision is 100% literacy in the Mid-South.

Literacy Mid-South (LMS) is a nonprofit organization whose mission is to create a community actively engaged in continuous learning. Somewhere between 20% to 30% of adults in the Memphis metro area are functionally illiterate. That means more than just unemployment — their minds are unused and their dreams are unrealized.

Teachers, Lend Your Voices!

Literacy Mid-South and Bodine School are partnering to bring a voice to teachers in local funding!  Tens of millions of dollars are provided each year by local foundations and corporations, but we understand that schools and teachers are sometimes not provided with a voice in determining where these local foundation dollars are spent.  
We will be working to provide a full report to local funders providing direction for future funding based on your feedback.  We will be answering these questions:

  • What additional supplies does your school need in order to be successful?  
  • Is there additional training not currently being provided that is critical?  
  • What approaches have proven effective in your school, and how can funders support the expansion/replication of those strategies?  
  • What models have worked in engaging parents?  
  • If a Teacher Advisory Board was created to advocate for funding alignment, what would this look like? 

We invite ONE representative from each school to attend one of the sessions below.  This is limited to Shelby County Schools, charter schools, and ASD schools. Additional focus groups may be offered for other school systems at a later date.

Please note that this focus group will be solution-oriented and focus on the extra help local funders can provide right now given current realities.  We will not focus on policy change, rather focusing on what works and what is needed.
Each ASD, charter, and Shelby County school is invited to register one representative at one of the focus groups below.  Registration is limited for each session and is available on a first come, first serve basis.

Tuesday, November 3rd
Lunch provided
Register Here

Wednesday, November 4th
Refreshments provided
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Thursday, November 5th
Refreshments provided
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Saturday, November 7th
Lunch provided
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We look forward to having your school join us in these important, productive conversations!  

Upcoming Events


Words Matter

The Words Matter art show is bringing local writers, artists and performers together. Six groups of Mid-South creatives have been putting together multimedia works that will be presented on Thursday, November 12th at the Crosstown Arts Gallery.

This is an event where process and product will be on display. Each of the six projects began with words - a literary contribution from a writer. From there, a combination of artists and performers extended that creation in their own media - visual artists, musicians, dancers, actors and filmmakers found collective expression and inspiration from the language.

Memphis has been making some bold and exciting collaborations across artistic disciplines and we want to be a leader to encourage that.

Other than the project starting with the written word, there were no rules. The artists were free to do their art.

On Thursday November 12th, we'll have a party where you can see what the groups have done, visit with the artists, and experience what some of our town's top talent!

Come on out on November 12th and experience the creativity. This event benefits Literacy Mid-South.

RSVP for the event here!

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Adult Tutor Training

Want to Make a REAL Difference in Someone's Life? Teach Someone to Read  

Literacy Mid-South has adults on our waiting list who are willing and ready to learn but need a special person in their life to help them.  They want better lives.  They want to understand their personal finances better.  They want their driver's license.  They want to read to their children. They want to understand their world better, and they just need a chance.

YOU can help. There is no greater gift to give than helping a person succeed.  Facilitate learning in the life of an adult who struggles with reading, writing, and math through Literacy Mid-South's Adult Learning Program.  Volunteers are able to serve as facilitators to groups of adults or provide individual goal-centered tutoring to an adult learner.  Volunteers attend a one-day training that provides the tools for moving adults forward. 

Volunteers commit to meeting 2 hours, once a week for six months.  Volunteer opportunities are available during the day or at night.  Must be 18 years or older to participate.  

The training will take place at Literacy Mid-South, (Playhouse on the Square building) 66 S. Cooper, 4th floor. Coffe/water and snacks will be provided, just bring a bag lunch, pen and paper.

If you are interested in being a Literacy Mid-South Adult Basic Education volunteer, please complete the Volunteer Application. If you would like to be a Literacy Mid-South English for You tutor, please fill out this Application.

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