Old Rock (Is Not Boring) by Deb Pilutti

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Old Rock has been sitting in the same spot in the pine forest for as long as anyone can remember. Spotted Beetle, Tall Pine, and Hummingbird think just sitting there must be boring, but they are in for a wonderful surprise.

Fabulous tales of adventurous travel, exotic scenery, entertaining neighbors, and more from Old Rock's life prove it has been anything but boring.

Great storytellers come in all shapes, sizes, and ages, and Old Rock's stories are sure to inspire questions that lead to wonderful conversations about the past and the natural world.

Targeted Vocabulary:

  • Clearing - an open space in a forest
  • Erupted - a volcano explosion
  • Lumbered - to move in a slow, heavy, awkward way
  • Flutter - to fly, move, or hover unsteadily by flapping quickly and lightly
  • Sprouted - something that has grown

Resiliency Skill/Theme

  • Optimistic - to be hopeful or believe things will work out well. Positive
  • What is one thing you like about learning at home? What is one thing you like about going back to a school building?
  • Old Rock was optimistic about his life, sitting in one place for so long, because he got to watch the world change right in front of him, over time. 


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