Additional Support

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Other Activities

Auto Tutor
For readers at a 3rd - 8th grade reading level. Self-directed modules geared toward reading comprehension. Includes digital literacy modules. 

Multiple lists of free and open content for math, reading, career, ELL

The Barbara Bush Foundation created a site with free learning resources, many can be appropriate for adults.

Literacy Mid-South's Symbaloo Page

Multiple lessons, games and activities for low to high levels including career readiness and computer basics. 

Minnesota Literacy Council
Great resource for a variety of lesson plan ideas. 

K12 Reader
Though this site is geared towards children, most of the reading activities are age appropriate for adult learners, too.  

Library of Congress
Read free books online directly from the Library of Congress website. 
Creates and provides quality, innovative online learning opportunities to anyone who wants to improve the technology, literacy and math skills needed to be successful in both work and life. 

Engage students in online literacy learning with interactive tools to help them accomplish diverse goals—from organizing their thoughts to learning about language.

Primary Resources
Broken down into four major categories—word level, sentence level, text level (fiction and nonfiction), book/author/reading, and other resources.

SEN Teacher
Multiple printable worksheets and worksheet generators, so that teacher can create their materials--for mathematic and literacy flashcard/puzzle generation, as well as thematic printout, links to LD explanations and downloadable software that could be applicable teaching LD students, as well

The site has an excellent layout of educational videos, organized by grade level and subject, from Pre-K to 12th grade, making it easy to search and access a multitude of lessons.

As a part of the WatchKnowLearn network, Reading Bear focuses on phonics and vocabulary in order to promote the early onset of reading.  However, please be mindful with your learner that this site is made for children, so your student may feel uncomfortable using it.

Fast Phonics
A highly interactive guide to helping your student learn basic phonics. 

The Teachers Corner
Create cloze activities, writing activities and seasonal activities here. Also contains teacher resources and lesson plans.

World Reader
WorldReader is a free library for smartphones and electronic tablets that has 11,000 plus free books and other readings that you can access from your mobile phone. 

TV411 will help you read for success, fine-tune your writing, expand your vocabulary, get a grip on math, and explore science.

Logic of English
A handy phonogram chart with audio. Great to share with your learners that have the ability to practice at home. If they are stuck on a sound, they can click the audio to hear it said for them. 

CSAL Resource Library
Leveled reading that you can listen to while you read along.

Tons of leveled readings, along with quizzes and writing activities!

Leveled readings focusing on reading comprehension, with activities.

Papa, you saved me...

You taught me to read

Markus Zusak, The Book Thief