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Benchmarks for Math

Be sure to read the instructions attached to these benchmarks before using.

Math Benchmarks for Level 0.0-1.9

Math Benchmarks for Level 2.0-3.9

Math Benchmarks for Level 4.0-5.9

Links and Resources

For the Tutor:

Minnesota Literacy Council
Great resource for a variety of lesson plan ideas. 

Tips on Teaching Multiplication
Tips from an expert on repetition and multisensory learning strategies you can use for much more than multiplication tables.  

Math Tecniques for ABE Learners

An introduction to a variety of strategies that can be used to help you teach basic math to the adult learner.

K-5 Math Teaching Resources
This site provides an extensive collection of free resources, math games, and hands-on math activities aligned with the Common Core State Standards for Mathematics.

Math Goodies
Math Goodies is your free math help portal featuring interactive lessons, worksheets, games and puzzles. 

The Teacher's Corner
Within this section of The Teacher's Corner, you will find resources that cover all areas of math: counting, fractions, measurement, story problems, telling time, and more.

abcteach is your one-stop resource for teaching math, with printable worksheets, interactives, and fun activities, from addition to algebra.

For the Tutor and the Learner:
K-8 with practice questions and answers. Great for the learner to practice on their own after the tutor introduces the concept. There is also a Spanish version of the site.
Help solving all kinds of problems along with the steps. 
Creates and provides quality, innovative online learning opportunities to anyone who wants to improve the technology, literacy and math skills needed to be successful in both work and life. 

Math Is Fun
This site has puzzles, games, worksheets, interactive quizzes, expansive web links, and a dictionary.

Khan Academy
One of the best math sites on the web.  The content is free!

Math Drills has thousands of Free Math Worksheets for teachers and parents on a variety of math topics.

The Math Worksheet Site
With The Math Worksheet Site you can create an endless supply of printable math worksheets.

Math Worksheets Land
Over 57,000 Worksheets, Tests, Homework & Answer Keys.

Math Fact Cafe
Choose from pre-made worksheets or create your own custom worksheets for a variety of grade levels.

Game Classroom
We scoured the web for the best and most trustworthy educational games with the single goal of providing students, parents and teachers with the best interactive homework help the web has to offer!

TV411 will help you read for success, fine-tune your writing, expand your vocabulary, get a grip on math, and explore science.

Math videos for all levels! Our goal is to provide simple and engaging math resources that make learning math more fun for students of all ages.


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