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A Note About Learning Disabilities

Literacy Mid-South unfortunately does not have the resources available to provide learning disability assessments for all of our adult students.  Your student may have an undiagnosed learning disability, but we urge you not to diagnose this yourself.  If you are concerned about your student's progress, please contact Literacy Mid-South.  We have various supplemental materials for learning disabled students and several places we can refer the student.  Don't take matters into your own hands--give us a call! 

Links and Resources

Learning Disability Link - Tutor Resources
Primarily focused on preparing teacher and student for the GED test’s sections, the site has a lot of good links to teacher prep and lesson plans

LD Online
Listing of resources from LD Online that breaks down their links into several categories—organizations and websites, books for parents and professionals, and opportunities for LD learners

National Center for Learning Disabilities
A webpage that essentially breaks down learning disabilities, rights and accommodations, tips for daily living, as well as outlining some adult-related sections on post-high school and job-related avenues available to LD learners

Florida Literacy

Document succinctly breaks down learning disabilities, including ESL learners

Literacy Online
Webpage that offers superb, concise ideas on dealing with adult learners effectively

National Center for Learning Disabilities
E-book that discusses getting a job for LD adult learners and their everyday challenges


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