Activities and Lesson Plans

Health Literacy Special Collection

Provides curricula, health information, and readings about health awareness.

H.E.L.P Curriculum
These resources are to help the public learn more about health and health literacy.

Research-based Health Literacy Materials
These health literacy materials meet both the need of adults to enhance their literacy skills as well as their need to navigate the health care system and begin to achieve better health care for themselves and their families. These materials integrate literacy skills and practice with pertinent health information.

Additional Links and Resources

A selection of articles, podcasts (with printable transcripts!), a free monthly newsletter, and books which could all help tutors to create viable lessons.

Brain Grade Test
After signing up for a free membership, a student or tutor could take a quick test to see how to improve their brain’s health and function. The site provides users with an outlined brain training regimen that be completed in 10/min a day. With all the vocabulary involved, it could easily take much longer but remain challenging and fun.

Consumer Health Reports
Free, patient-ready, consumer-friendly guides to health care from Consumer Reports. Materials are generlly written at an 8th grade level. 

Today a reader.

Tomorrow a Leader.

Margaret Fuller.

American Journalist, Critic, and Womens' Rights Advocate