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Financial Literacy Learning Plans
These learning plans from LearnerWeb, designed for teachers and tutors, facilitate the teaching of financial literacy to adult ESL learners. 

Short lessons on finiancial basics, it will read to the text aloud for low level readers. 

Practical Money Skills
A site, in association with VISA, that provides resources, lesson plans and games that are all focused on financial literacy.

System for Basic Education Support
A list of adult literacy resources, including a training organization and a number of websites.  Some websites may be too complex for low literate students, but the materials can be modified as needed.

Institute for Financial Literacy
Various PDF and Excel budget-planning documents that can be downloaded and used by tutors.

Hands On Banking
Resource page of instructor guides for students of all ages and abilities, from kids to adults.

Good resource page that provides links to various levels of financial literacy lesson plans.

Collection of links to lesson plans and ideas about teaching beginning financial literarcy using premade cards, money and boards to play the game.

The education section of the FDIC website provides many free resources for younger and older adults about financial literacy.  You can even download an MP3 for your student or receive a CD-ROM in the mail free of charge. 

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