For the Learner to practice:

Literacy Lunch with Lee
Check out our own Lee Chase IV for short, twice weekly lessons to practice English vocabulary and conversation. Also watch live on our Facebook page every Monday and Wednesday at noon! 

We Speak NYC
Variety of videos to practice English conversation.

ESOL Courses
Free lessons, games and quizzes.

A number of activities for ESL learners and their tutors.

English Baby!
Multiple lesson plans, including thematic lessons, grammar and vocabulary.

English Club
Extensive links to a variety of lessons, quizzes, games, activities, grammar help, etc.

Randall's ESL Cyber Listening Lab
Listening activities and quizzes learners can practice on their own.

Activities for ESL Learners
More activities for listening, speaking, grammar and vocabulary that learners can practice on their own.

Study Zone
Many activities including vocabulary learners can practice on their own.

Many Things
Great website for beginning English Language Learners to hear simple words, phrases and sentences. 

Adele's ESL Corner
Great website for high beginning to advanced for listening, vocabulary and grammar. 

Road to Grammar
Games, downloads and quizzes for intermediate learners. 


TV411 will help you read for success, fine-tune your writing, expand your vocabulary, get a grip on math, and explore science.

Logic of English
A handy phonogram chart with audio. 

For the Tutor:

USALearns English
1000's of lessons for ELL 

Minnesota Literacy Council
Great resource for a variety of lesson plan ideas. 

Literacy Work International
Videos of examples of ESL classrooms and lessons.

ESL Flashcards and Printables
These flash cards are a great first start with your ESL student!

New Jersey TESOL
Dozens of links for teachers to access online lesson plans for students from kindergarten to adult ESL learners, as well as professional teacher organizations.

Diary of a Beginner
Tips and advice on getting started tutoring from a beginning ESL tutor. 

Language Lessons
Have a student who speaks another language other than Spanish?  Click here to learn the basics of their native language.

ESL Grammar, Vocabulary, and Spelling
This is a great resource when teaching about items such as verbs, nouns, and pronouns

The group is a community of practice for educators to discuss issues relevant to providing research- and evidence-based educational services to adult English language learners; share information and resources that can be used to inform practitioners about these issues and improve practice; and enrich and improve public policies related to adult English language learners.

TESOL Resource Center

Contains lesson plans, teaching tips, activities, assessment tools, and many other useful teaching resources. All resources are geared to help ESL teachers at every level, from primary to university (and some teacher training as well), while English proficiency levels range from Beginner to Intermediate to Advanced. Education
Ideas for lessons and conversation starters and activities that you can use one on one or in small groups. 

Using English
Tons of ESL tutor resources and worksheets. 

Sight Words Game
Great worksheets for beginning English learners; directional and positional words, sight words, writing and spelling activities.

For the Tutor and Learner:

English Forum
Pages for learners and tutors to use for lesson planning or practice for the learners at home.

ESL Flow
Activities for practice on your own or with a tutor, great ideas for lesson plans. 

English as a Second Language
Activities tutors and learners can use, with podcasts and audio to practice listening and speaking. 

Dave's ESL Cafe
Job listings, student and teacher materials, an online bookstore, chat rooms, teacher forums, podcasts etc.

Mondo's World
Created by a longtime teacher who began in Japan, Mondo’s website has a wide-ranging number of links, meant to expose students to English in a variety of ways, while simultaneously providing teachers with a range of teaching methods and topics.

Isobel's ESL Site
Workshops, resources, and user-created materials for ESL tutors and students

Karin's ESL Partyland Links
Content-based, topical, interactive lesson plans; varied language learning approaches (including how to learn Spanish effectively and efficiently); TOEFL test prep, slang/idioms/informal English; and ESL lessons for adults and beginners (and adult beginners!).

Resource Page for ESL
User-friendly site that has many wonderful activities, drawing from various sources for its materials and links, while demonstrating the practicality for English-speakers learning another language.
Combines proven teaching methods with Internet technology (like podcasts) for teaching K-12th grade reading and language arts.

VOA Learning English
Use current news stories to learn English. Video with subtitles, quizzes and stories you can use with your learner and activities they can use on thier own for review or extra pratice.

Today a reader.

Tomorrow a Leader.

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American Journalist, Critic, and Womens' Rights Advocate