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Additional Links

California Library Literacy Services
Many helpful links for driver education prep as well as additional links for other activities, lesson plans, etc.

25 Resources for Driver Education Teachers
List of 25 interactive and informative links on Drivers Ed.  A very good resource full of helpful and useful information.  Please be aware of the very graphic YouTube video showing traffic accidents.

Driver Education Games
A good website with a long list of helpful resources and engaging games that can be used to demonstrate the rules for safe driving.

Department of Motor Vehicles
The DMV site is full of many links on drivers’ education and safety. It also has numerous other links concerned with anything related to getting a license (and types), paying tickets, locations and practice tests.

Webster Driver Education
This is a Wiki page on preparation for the Webster Parish Drivers Ed test.  The site breaks down the relevant points about driving safely, including using videos, a downloadable PDF document, and other links to help students prepare adequately.