The Vision

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LMS leads a city-wide initiative on one of the most important indicators for a student's success: grade-level reading by the end of third grade. LMS combines the strength of community based organizations, funders, city agencies, and corporations to align the work of these multi-sector partners who are all committed to improving outcomes for students. 

In alignment with Shelby County School's Destination 2025, Read901 is working to see 90% of 3rd grade Shelby County students reading on grade level by 2025. LMS brings the community together around four, research-backed levels of change: out-of-school time, school readiness, family engagement, and school attendance. By providing various resources (books, curriculum, assessments, etc.), facilitating partnerships, supporting data driven decision making, and shining light on the amazing work of our community partners, LMS is helping to effect real change in our communities.

Out-of-School Time

After school and summer create opportunities for continued growth and sustained acheivement. Without access to enrichment, both academic and otherwise, students can lose as much as three months of reading comprehenion skills over the summer. This can leave students behind by as much as three grade levels by the end of fifth grade. Utilizing the summer and after school space to address this gap advances the march to grade-level reading.

Family Engagement

The family serves as the first teacher to their children. With emotional and social support, family engagement ensures the success of other interventions, and can foster a love of learning.

School Attendance

Absences early in a child's school career can deny students the time they need to develop literacy skills. Measure chronic absence (missing 10% of school year) identifies all days a student missess--excused or not. That mark of chronic absense has preceded lower acadmic performance in the subsequent academic year. Being present is vital for ensuring grade-level reading. 

Tell me and I forget. Teach me and I remember.

Involve me and I learn.

Benjamin Franklin