LMS OST Network Partners

Literacy Mid-South, as the convener of the LMS Out-of-School Time Network, works with the following partners to support out-of-school time learning across Shelby County. If you are interested in having your child attend a Literacy Mid-South supported program or are interested in volunteering in our network, please contact us, or click through to find information from our partners' websites. Check out a map of program locations below.

  1. Agape Child & Family Services
  2. Emmanuel Center, Inc.
  3. Memphis Athletic Ministries
  4. Catholic Charities
  5. Y-CAP | YMCA of Memphis & the Mid-South
  6. YMCA of Memphis & the Mid-South
  7. Neighborhood Christian Center
  8. Project Transformation
  9. City of Memphis Community Centers
  10. Red Door Urban Missions
  11. Memphis Public Library
  12. For The Kingdom

Literacy Mid-South OST Programs 2020/21

COVID-19's impact on summer and after-school programming has been substantial. Literacy Mid-South and our network of out-of-school time providers have worked tirelessly to ensure the K-5 students we serve continue to be engaged in reading and literacy activities to help mitigate learning loss.

For summer and after-school 2020/21, LMS Out-of-School Time Network partners will provide a variety of programming supported by Literacy Mid-South:

  • Some will offer in-person programming supported by books from the LMS Libib Library
  • Some will offer fully virtual programming supported by books from the LMS Libib Library
  • SUMMER ONLY: Most locations will distribute Literacy Mid-South's weekly, K-5 Lit Bags containing: a RAZ printed grade-level book, related activity sheets, family newsletter, and a social-emotional learning tool
  • Some will offer in-person or remote BookNook learning experiences for K-5 students
  • SUMMER ONLY: Literacy Mid-South will provide daily interactive read-aloud videos which can be accessed via our Virtual Summer 2020.

Literacy Mid-South SUMMER ONLY supports ran from June 15, 2020 to July 31, 2020. Our after-school supports are ongoing.

Take a look below at the programs supported by Literacy Mid-South. Find your address & see who's closest to see what supports & resources you can find in your neighborhood.

Expand the map with the square icon in the top, right corner for a detailed list of partners & locations, or click the square in the top, left corner to expand the map it's own window.

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