English For You

The English For You Program serves adults of any nationality who want to improve their English. We can tutor for conversation, reading, and writing using a curriculum designed for beginning-level adult ESL collaborative learning groups. Our English For You program covers the first 60-100 hours of instruction with 40+ life skills-focused lessons that allow English Language Learners to to immediately apply what they've learned.

How We Teach

Small Groups:

Beginning level English Language Learners can join a collaborative learning group of up to six adults. 

Individual Tutoring:

English Language Learners of intermediate language ability can be matched with a one-on-one tutor.

Interested in becoming a learner with Literacy Mid-South?

We offer tutoring for adults in reading, math, and English language learning. You can choose the library that is most convenient for you and the tutor will meet you there! There is a one-time $10 fee, then all tutoring is free. 

Call 901-327-6000 to make an intake appointment.

Tutor an Adult

Literacy Mid-South offers tutor training workshops several times a year for volunteer 18 years of age or older. 

Review the upcoming tutor training workshops, and choose one that fits your schedule.

Complete the Literacy Mid-South tutor application.  

Questions before you complete the application? Check out our video about our program!

You will receive an evite about 2 weeks before the training, just RSVP there if you are still able to attend. 

Attend your chosen tutor training workshop.  

Thank you for deciding to become a part of our team!