The Benefits

  • Access to a variety of diverse partner organization’s current services and resources as well as a dedicated contact person when a client is referred to receive outside services.

  • Robust network of cross-sector partners who serve adults in multiple capacities, from adult education, to workforce, economic, and rehabilitation.

  • Added collaboration and thought partnering that facilitates more support for clients and encourages more effective and intentional support for partners.

Our Operating Principles

As a network of partner organizations, we agree to uphold the following principles:


  1. We strive to create and sustain a culture of trust, courtesy, and respect that values diversity. 

  2. We strive to use data, including client feedback, as continuous quality improvement.

  3. We strive to always add value in all we do and pursue excellence.

  4. We strive to adapt and work to improve upon methods and processes in adult education.

  5. We strive to recognize and value the different lived experiences of all clients.

  6. We strive to implement and follow a shared process to deliver results to the network and the general public.

  7. We strive to recognize the importance of and value collaboration so we can address adult literacy challenges in our community.

  8. We strive to work as a team and are committed to improving the lives and futures of all individuals being served.

  9. We strive to focus on service to adult-learners, however, we know that in this process, we touch many other lives.

  10. We strive not to discriminate.  We are an inclusive organization that values the opinions and expertise of everyone.

  11. We strive to exceed client expectations in all that we do.

  12. We strive to exhibit leadership.  We each share knowledge, participate, and contribute in our own unique ways.

  13. We strive to communicate with clarity.  Clear communication is critical, both in the work we do with our clients and in our interactions with each other.

  14. We strive to slow down and pay attention to details.  As representatives of our clients, attention to detail is critical. 

  15. We strive to think and act positively.  Work can be demanding and stressful, however, this is all the more reason to give others our absolute best.

  16. We strive to adhere to the “Golden Rule.”

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