Become a Reading Advocate

Support Literacy MId-South by becoming a Reading Advocate today! 

With a $5 monthly gift, or $60 one-time donation, we will send you our new Literacy Mid-South membership t-shirt that says "Great Days for Reading End in 'Y'!" 

Please click the Donate button at the top of the page, and don't forget to include your t-shirt size in the notes!

Membership Offer

Your donation of:

$50 provides ten children with one book.

$100 provides online learning software for one summer reading program.

$500 sponsors one adult learner for one year.

$1,000 provides resources for adult education for one library.

$2,500 provides books, curriculum, and teacher resources for 50 children in a summer reading program.

Become a Reading Patron

Literacy Mid-South's vision is 100% literacy in Memphis. Help children and adults learn to read by becoming a Reading Patron!

You can join the Reading Patron program by making a gift or pledge of $5,000 or more. Most gifts at this level are made over one to five years.

With your support, Literacy Mid-South will annually:

- Distribute 40,000 new books to children throughout Memphis
- Provide at least 3,900 parents two new baby books and literacy resources when their baby is born
- Increase literacy skills for over 100 adults by providing free classes and individual tutoring sessions

With your Reading Patron membership, you will get:

- an artistic Literacy Mid-South lapel pin or necklace pendant
- a personalized plaque when you complete your pledge
- your name in Literacy Mid-South's annual report
- a monthly email newsletter with our latest news, events, and book recommendations
- the knowledge that you are opening up a world of new ideas and great stories for adults and children through reading lessons and free books

To learn more, please contact:
Mackenzie VanAusdall
Development Associate
(270) 202-1854
mvanausdall [at] literacymidsouth [dot] org

Today a reader.

Tomorrow a Leader.

Margaret Fuller.

American Journalist, Critic, and Womens' Rights Advocate