Juvenile Intervention and Faith Based Follow-Up (JIFF)

Contact Name:

Rick Carr


254 S. Lauderdale Memphis, 38126


JIFF provides youth from the juvenile justice system with the skills, support and direction necessary to break the destructive cycle of criminal behavior.


By influencing the thinking, behavior and direction of young offenders (age 12-18) and their families, we can help them pursue productive and pro-social activities.

Educational Services:

They provide mentoring and education to juveniles previously involved in the justice system. 

Juvenile Case Mentoring: serves youth referrals from Juvenile Court’s Youth Service Bureau who have committed an offense serious enough to require intervention services of an agency or institution (600-1000 youth per year out of a total of approximately 12,000 delinquent cases);


Males, ages 12-18.

Learn to Earn: systematically addresses the high level of unemployed, unskilled, undereducated, out-of-school youth and young adults (male & female)


16-21, especially young offenders. JIFF offers two different modules for Learn to Earn participants:
Culinary Arts Training & Career Readiness module
GED & Career Readiness module

This is a faith based organization.

Volunteer Name:

Morris Robinson