Adult Tutor Training

Saturday, Jan 26, 2019

Want to Make a REAL Difference in Someone's Life? Teach Someone to Read! 

Literacy Mid-South has adults on our waiting list who are willing and ready to learn but need a special person in their life to help them.  They want better lives.  They want to understand their personal finances better.  They want their driver's license.  They want to read to their children. They want to understand their world better, and they just need a chance.

YOU can help. There is no greater gift to give than helping a person succeed.  Facilitate learning in the life of an adult who struggles with reading, writing, math or English as a foreign language through Literacy Mid-South's Adult Learning Program and the English For You Program.  Volunteers are able to serve as facilitators to groups of adults or provide individual goal-centered tutoring to an adult learner.  Volunteers attend a one-day training that provides the tools for moving adults forward. 

If you are interested in being a Literacy Mid-South Adult Basic Education volunteer or an English For You tutor, please complete the Volunteer Application.