Currently Serving AmeriCorps*VISTAs

These AmeriCorps*VISTAs are a valued part of our team:

Allison Heirigs, Reading Program Developer, Memphis Athletic Ministries


I serve because I believe a child's quality of education should not be determined by socio-economic circumstances entirely beyond their control. I am working with Literacy Mid-South and their partners to create a more just Memphis, one where every child is given the best possible start in life. Through the VISTA position, I have the opportunity to give back to and help improve the city where I grew up. Especially to empower the children that Literacy Mid-South serves, to one day go out and do the same.

Johnny Jefferson, Data & Technology VISTA, Literacy Mid-South

J Jefferson

I chose to serve in AmeriCorps because it is a great opportunity. I am working in the data and technology department to support effective data management and reporting systems. My service will help Literacy Mid-South and their affiliates improve their tracking and records of their services. I hope that I will make a positive difference in lives within the community I serve.  I believe and expect to grow through this service. Growing up, I was taught to treat others the way I would want to be treated. If I were in a position that I needed help, I would want someone to find it in their heart to help me. I hope that through my service I help to empower those in the community to make positive changes.

Erica Ross, Read901 VISTA, Literacy Mid-South

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I serve because true fulfillment comes from helping others without expecting anything in return except for a smiling face and a grateful heart. I also serve to be an example for those to come after me. Leaving behind a legacy of service is like a gift that keeps giving.

John Austin Tubbs, Data and Tech VISTA, Refugee Empowerment Program


I chose to serve with AmeriCorps VISTA here in Memphis to give back to the community that raised me. With Literacy Mid-South, I am excited to serve their mission of increasing the literacy rate among children, the future of our society. So many amazing strides have been made to better our Mid-South community, and being a part of this excites me. I look forward to working to better my community.

Lois Charm, Curriculum Coordinator, Refugee Empowerment Program


I chose to serve as a VISTA in my current position because I have the desire to help children thrive in their academics. Having volunteered as a tutor in the past, I didn’t feel as though my prior contributions were enough to my community and I wanted to make an even bigger impact in the lives of well-deserving kids in my community. I am serving as a Curriculum Coordinator, in partnership with Literacy Mid-South, where I am responsible for building a learning curriculum that will help support the reading accuracy and comprehension skills of the K-5th grade students I work with. I hope that as a result of my service, these students will be more confident in their abilities to thrive in school.

Tell me and I forget. Teach me and I remember.

Involve me and I learn.

Benjamin Franklin